Medical Cannabis breeders

Where Does iBreedIT® Fit into the Picture of Medical Cannabis?

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By using our proven iBreedIT® IDSS (Intelligent Decision Support System) technology to improve Cannabis strains and to breed new varieties of Cannabis, we believe that BreedIT is perfectly aligned to address the world’s increasing need for better and more efficient commercial medical varieties of the plant.

Our technology enables more effective planning, management, and analysis of cannabis breeding data so that ideally breeders can produce crops in a more exacting manner, with measureable ingredients that are more consistent from one plant to the next.  In this manner, the quantity of inactive or even undesired ingredients in the plant may be reduced.  This consistency should allow us to create finely tuned cannabis crops for medicinal purposes.  It is for this reason we believe that our technology may assist us to become a world leader in cannabis breeding.

The full medical benefits and potential uses of medical Cannabis are only starting to be scientifically examined in recent years. The full potential uses of different varieties and traits are an exciting new field for seed breeders around the world. By utilizing proven methodologies available in iBreedIT® they benefit from the ability to perform controlled pollination for variations of traits such as:

  • Cannabinoids Level and aroma,
  • Trichome Type,
  • Resin Quantity, Quality and adaptability.

Major  variety types