Breeding Companies

Multinational Breeding companies

Large breeding companies typically have many plant breeding programmers, and the data from which is scattered across various spreadsheets, in different formats, on various devices, and often with multiple slightly different versions. By using the iBreedIT® package, such companies can:

  • Gain powerful data integration capabilities to create desirable hybrids based upon observational data, molecular testing and phytopathology test data in a single platform.
  • Manage seed inventories and seed pools with hundreds of thousands of genetic lines with full insight into the fields, projects, plots and years.
  • Benefit from strong permissions capabilities and control employee access to proprietary research data
  • Support for multiple breeding methods across varied crops such as cross-pollinating, self-pollinating, or hybrid development.

Regional Breeding companies

Smaller companies often use time proven traditional methods of breeding and have a slower adoption curve for modern breeding methodologies. When migrating to the iBreedIT® solution they:

  • Utilized modern breeding methodologies such as molecular markers to save time and improve performance by selecting traits even before they are seen in individual plants.
  • Enjoy the benefit of having a cloud-based solution, saving them the need for IT staff, dedicated hardware while immediately reaping the benefits of the continuously supported software.