BreedIT (OTC: BRDT) Enhances Expert Breeding Team with Leading Israeli Agronomists

June 16, 2014 7:59 am

Hadas Nahum named new Vice President of Marketing & Sales; Neti Ziv appointed Project Manager of Cannabis Breeding

NEW YORK, May 12, 2014

BreedIT Corp (BRDT) (“BreedIT” or the “Company”), through its Israeli subsidiary, BreedIT Ltd., the exclusive worldwide license holder and distributor of highly sophisticated agro-breeding solutions software for plant breeders and researchers, today is pleased to announce the enhancement of its expert agro-breeding team to include leading Israeli agronomists Hadas Nahum, as its new Vice President, Marketing & Sales, and Neti Ziv, as its Project Manager focused on its Cannabis Breeding business.

Hadas Nahum is an experienced, leading agronomist with over 10 years in the industry. Prior to joining BreedIT’s expert agro-breeding team, Mrs. Nahum worked with publicly traded seed company, Avogen (EVGN), from 2006 to 2009 where she specialized in the marketing of sophisticated agricultural products. Prior to that, she was actively involved in research and development related to improvement resistance of plants to diseases. She earned her BA degree from Jerusalem University and Master of Science degree from Jerusalem University Agricultural Institution.

The Company’s new Project Manager of Cannabis Breeding, Neti Ziv, is also an experienced, leading agronomist from Avogen, where she worked as a senior breeder from 2007 to 2012. There, Mrs. Ziv participated in the establishment of their breeding department for bio-fuels including product definition, preparation of multi-year breeding plan and the practical implementation of the plan.  Prior to that, from 2004 to 2007, Mrs. Ziv worked for “Hazera Genetics” as a breeder in their watermelon department. She earned her BA degree with Excellency at Ben-Gurion University and Master of Science also with Excellency at Jerusalem University Agricultural Institution.

Mrs. Ziv’s work has been included and published in the following including: Brand, A., Sirding, N., Shleizer, S. and Ori, N. (2007) “Meristem maintenance and compound leaf patterning utilize common genetic mechanisms in tomato. Planta, 226, 941-951; and Berger, Y., Harpaz – Saad, S., Brand, A., Melnik, H., Sirding, N., Alvarez, J.P., Zinder, M., Samach, A., Eshed, Y., and Ori, N. (2009). The NAC-domain transcription factor GOBLET specifies leaflet boundaries in compound tomato leaves. Development, 136, 823-832

Dr. Oded Sagee, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BreedIT Corp., commented, “To augment our already established group of agro-breeding specialists with Mrs. Nahum and Mrs. Ziv, both highly talented, and experienced agronomists, is very encouraging. Mrs. Nahum will focus her efforts on communicating the advantage of BreedIT with our iBreedITs® Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS)  technology, research support, and expert manpower  to potential customers. She will also devote her time to develop and optimize our sales and marketing strategies to attract and service the plant breeding needs of companies, corporations and research institutions worldwide. As Project Manager, Mrs. Ziv will be occupied with our cannabis breeding program and working together with Sheifa Le’Haim our growing partner to oversee the program that will employ iBreedIT®  software to breed and eventually own unique and hybrid cannabis seeds.”

Dr. Sagee continued, “Both business verticals are extremely important to the continued expansion of the Company, we are confident that we found the right skill set in both – Mrs Nahum and Mrs. Ziv – to achieve certain goals and milestones set forth in our plans for expansion.”

Mrs. Nahum commented, “I’m pleased to join the highly impressive expert team behind BreedIT and their state-of-the-art sophisticated software. To have the support and confidence of their team, consisting of some of the world’s leading breeding specialists for optimizing the breeding processes including Professor Haim Rabinowitch, is a great honor. I look forward to expanding the Company’s sales and marketing opportunities to companies and corporation both domestically and worldwide.”

“Coming on board to lead BreedIT’s Cannabis Breeding is an extremely exciting endeavor. Their world-class team of breeding specialists, disruptive agro-breeding technology, research and development support, and partnerships with leading growers put the Company in an excellent position to succeed in many breeding fields especially the high growth, emerging field of medical cannabis. I look forward to utilizing my experience and to being an integral driver of the BreedIT’s success,” stated Neti Ziv.

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