iBreedIT® is a package of software solutions which assists breeders and researchers. Its purpose is to generate and disseminate breeding information, allowing breeders to plan, manage and analyze breeding data, as well as perform research quickly and effectively.  The system is tailor-made according to a breeder’s specific needs, crop, and breeding goals. Clients have access to the most advanced research laboratories and academic specialists, their expertise and know-how, thus ensuring that iBreedIT® remains at the cutting edge of breeding know-how and R&D. The software includes the following modules:

  • Breeding Methods – Several technologies to create new and improved varieties exhibiting quality traits. These varieties are developed through traditional and advanced breeding methods, employing techniques such as marker-assisted selections, plant physiology, biochemistry and phytopathology.
  • Phytopathology – The research team identifies and makes available new sources of resistance to fungal pathogens, viruses and pests, and develops new techniques for efficient evaluation of plant response to inoculation by diseases and pests. Research encompasses bacterial, fungal and viral diseases, as well as nematodes and other biotic pathogens.
  • Plant Biology – Assisting breeders or scientists to use advanced technologies to create new traits and produce new plant varieties or animal types with valuable properties, both through classical genetic methods and by marker-assisted breeding. Based on tools developed by the group it broadens the genetic base of the product development pipeline. The team has developed an array of molecular markers for fast identification of desired traits in individual plants.
  • Breeding Trials – Breeders conduct scores of trials each year to select parent and hybrid combinations that best meet the growers’ and the seed companies’ needs, with many trials taking place on-site in customers’ fields in Israel, Turkey , Spain, France , Holland, Italy, Belgium and Mexico. All assisted by Breed-IT software.
  • Breeding Projects – Future directions of the breeding team which will be added annually to the Breed-IT software: Development of tomato (or other vegetables) varieties with; increased anti-oxidative agents; improved flavor of high-yielders;  heat-tolerance in greenhouses; disease-resistant; adaptation to specific regions and development of rootstocks for grafting.
  • Field phenotyping -The system architecture enables reliable input in the field from any device online and offline and support integration with any breeding systems
  • Field planning assistant tool – design an observation field, choose the lines suitable for a project, draw the field map, extract all the necessary facilities needed for work including a field map and labels.

BreedIT-15aBy accumulating, analyzing and disseminating knowledge in breeding information technologies, the system is able to assist breeders in the planning, managing, handling and analyzing of breeding data. It provides for the practical performance of breeding activities, quickly and effectively, iBreedIT® supports breeders at every stage of their activities. With decades of accumulated knowledge and experience, iBreedIT® is, today, a one-of-a-kind, breeding support system. iBreedIT® facilitates communication between all parties involved in the breeding process – growers, phytopathologists, molecular biologists, breeders and seed companies.  All relevant parameters are taken into account, including resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, performance under favorable and limiting climatic conditions, yield quality and more.